Newborn photography mentoring from Trudi Scrumptious Photography in Edinburgh

1 to 1 Mentoring

What you will learn…

• Styling & choosing props to suit your clients’ preferences
• Get the benefit of my Norland Nanny training by learning my calming & soothing techniques
• Newborn Safety
• Wrapping Techniques including my speciality leg out wrap
• Newborn Posing on the beanbag and in props including, side lying, bum up, chin on wrists, potato sack, curled on back & making the most of your poses with shooting from several angles. Other poses may also be incorporated on request.
• Light Placement/Angles using studio lights – which can easily translate to natural light
• Camera Settings
• Editing Workflow & Techniques using Lightroom & Photoshop. Other useful software and actions covered too.



The mentoring 1 to 1 session will start at 9.30am and finish at 5pm. We will prepare for a newborn shoot and then work through the posing workflow whilst I demonstrate and discuss soothing, wrapping, posing, light and camera settings. We will take a late lunch break and then return to cull, choose and edit some photos from the shoot. Lunch is included in the price.



Trudi Scrumptious Photography regrets that training cannot be offered to photographers living/working within a 50 mile radius of our Edinburgh studio.



Mentoring students will be required to sign a non-compete contract stating that they shall not describe, disclose, share or demonstrate (meaning NO reproducing, summarizing, publishing, paraphrasing, or transmitting, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means) information (including Trudi’s soothing techniques, lighting techniques, shooting techniques, workflow, posing techniques, editing techniques, etc.) received at their Trudi Scrumptious Photography training to any third party individual, corporation, or other entity including your blog/website/or forums.


Price: 1:1 mentoring £550 (£200 deposit on booking and £250 2 weeks before training), 2 person workshop £450 each, 3 person workshop £350 each, 4 person workshop £300 each



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