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I adore babies and brand new tiny wee newborns are my absolute favourite! I have been photographing newborns in my Edinburgh studio since 2011 and in that time I have developed my own unique style which my clients adore. Just take a look at some of my portfolio in the slideshow on the right and to see even more, be sure to check out my blog page. Not only am I a qualified licentiate photographer, but I have attended many newborn photography workshops and use the safest of practices so you can be sure your baby is in the best possible hands. I am also a qualified N.N.E.B. Norland Nanny with 20 years childcare experience and I was a parent coach for 9 years so you can rest assured I’m an old hand with babies and children.


Booking your baby’s newborn portrait session

The best time to photograph newborns is 5-14 days old. This is because in order to get the best sleepy curly images and avoid the baby acne stage it's best to capture your baby at under 2 weeks old. You will also get more variety of images as your baby will sleep more deeply and therefore can be moved into different positions and into different props and blankets. I have on occasion photographed babies up to 12 weeks old for newborn shoots, however it is a more difficult task and I cannot guarantee I will get the classic newborn poses. For this reason, it’s best to book with myself during pregnancy and this is done by providing me with your due date, and this ensures I won’t take on too many clients around that time. To book your due date slot, please ensure you pay the £85 session fee. This includes my bespoke personalised styling for the shoot, a 3 hour newborn session with sibling and parent shots and my unique fine art editing. Prints and products are bought separately in packages, and you can obtain a full price list by contacting me via the contact page. If you are on a budget why not opt for my newborn mini shoot which you can buy on the vouchers page?

Newborn session fee - £75


Before the shoot

  • Prepare baby's skin by bathing with gentle baby bath (I recommend an organic baby bath) and moisturising, and applying a little Vaseline on lips. If baby has flakey or spotty skin your images will take longer to edit, so it's really worth bathing with baby bath and moisturising, before the newborn shoot.
  • Take some me time to pamper yourself to give you more confidence for your family shots
  • Bring some lunch, something to read or an iPad, and a change of clothes for yourself
  • If you can, make sure baby is fully fed just before leaving to come to the portrait session    


At the shoot

  • When you arrive I’ll ask you to pass the car seat/pram straight over to me and you can relax!  This way baby doesn't get disturbed and awakened.
  • Let’s make it fun for siblings, so try not to worry about disciplining your other children while in the studio unless absolutely necessary.
  • Newborn babies often pee/poo or both during their shoots, so do not worry about that, I’m used to it!


What to Wear & Bring

I have pinned some styling images to my Pinterest and you can find these by clicking on the Wardrobe tab above, but here are some general tips...

  • Baby is naked or in wraps / little trousers, plus hats and headbands
  • You may bring an heirloom/special blanket/favourite gift toy/name blocks  
  • For you & your partner simple outfits work well such as a dark/cream T-shirt/vest top and jeans or if we have discussed colour schemes, something of that colour.
  • Siblings should be dressed in your chosen colours too
  • For dads who are happy to bare their chests please do, as father & baby shots look amazing.
  • Avoid clothing with logos and busy patterns that will be distracting


After the shoot

Your newborn portrait session will produce between 20 - 30 beautiful images from which you can choose your favourites. I create stunning images you will treasure for years to come with fine art editing on every image.  Your photographs take approximately 4 weeks to be fine art edited. When they are ready you will be given a viewing and ordering session appointment where you will get to see your photographs in a beautiful slideshow to music and then you can view each image individually. Before or at your viewing and ordering session you can purchase a package and extras should you wish. If you purchase a package up front before your newborn session you will receive a 15% discount!


Note: The music you can hear during the slideshow is Baby Mine by Alison Krauss


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